Denali Announces New Technology Focused Division

Denali Water Solutions announces the creation of a new division called Denali Technologies.  Denali Technologies will be tasked with advancing technologies across the Denali platform by forming  strategic partnerships from technology providers and other relevant industry players including dryers, thermal hydrolysis, lime stabilization, anaerobic digestion, gasification, chemical oxidation, equipment providers, infrastructure investors, consultant engineers and regulators.  Denali Technologies focus on business and project development pursuing opportunities to provided updated solutions to increase sustainability.

As 3P (public private partnerships) sourcing continue to be an option for design, construction and operation projects it makes sense for Denali to play a leading role as it is well suited to match the solution with the opportunity and provide the critical activities associated with waste conversion or disposal.

Denali Technologies is led by Mike Nicholson.  Mike is an industry veteran and comes from a family involved with key innovations around lime stabilization technologies in the 1980s and 1990s.  Mike has deep skills and is knowledgeable broadly concerning the various solutions waste processors are considering.