Michael Nicholson

Senior Vice President, Technology

Mr. Nicholson is responsible for naitonal municipal development and leads the Denali Technology Group. The Denali Technology Group is focused on the development and distribution of process, systems and equipment for the purpose of organic waste conversion, with emphasis on energy conservation, recovery, and or generation.

Denali is structured to provide managerial, technical, engineering, regulatory, construction, and distribution services for the procurement of its technology.

Mr. Nicholson has 28 years of experience in organic residuals management including the design, permitting construction and development programsfor biosolids management using multiple technologies and strategies including biosolids drying, alkaline treatment, composting, digestion, land application, gasification and landfilling.

Prior to joining Denali, Mr. Nicholson was a Senior Vice President of WeCare Orgnaics, LLC. Mr. Nicholson is a graduate of the University of Dayton.