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Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America and the center piece of the Denali National Park in Alaska. We are so in awe of its rugged, picturesque beauty and bold presence, we chose the name for our company brand. Denali comes from Native Americans - meaning "great one". Much like this imposing, natural treasure...we think our guiding principles are also simple, yet bold.

     1. Deliver superior service.
     2. Be environmentally reliable and compliant.
     3. Be the best value.

It is really that simple for us and we think our customers appreciate it. From California to Virginia, we provide land application, composting, dewatering, dredging, lagoon cleanout, digester cleanout, processing, permitting and operational management services to handle an array of wastewater and water residuals and biosolids.


Please call 479.385.7542 or
email charlie.golden@denaliwater.com